Diving and Sharks in Fiji

Portrait of Ray Kelso The May presentation for the Photographic Society will be video of the underwater adventures of Raymond Kelso and a group of 12 as they explored the soft corals off the coast of Fiji in the South Pacific last March. Raymond will share his videos and photos of shark feeds, and the abundant sea life along with techniques and tools he uses to capture these underwater playgrounds.

The public is invited to this free event to be held Thursday, May 3rd at 7pm at the Maturango Museum. For more information, please call Helen Jackson at (760) 375-2773.

For the last 17 years, Raymond Kelso has designed very affordable domestic and international adventure tours to exotic cultural and historical locations through the Pleistocene Foundation.  The adventures are designed for travelers who enjoy exploring the world comfortably, and have a desire a for a deeper understanding of both past and present cultures.  As an avid adventurer, photographer, and underwater videographer, he also organizes scuba diving tours to some of the top dive sites in the world. For closer to home activities, the Foundation sponsors the local “Getting to know your backyard” series, including Petroglyph tours, desert hikes to Randsburg, and Poison Canyon. More information about Ray Kelso and the Pleistocene Foundation can be found at www.pleistocenefoundation.org.