Normandy and the D-Day Invasion

Courtesy of Jim Carr

In honor of D-Day June 6th, Jim Carr, Retired Army First Sergeant, will be presenting a program on Normandy and the D-Day Invasion. His talk will be on June 1st at the Maturango Museum at 7PM. This should be interesting for photographers, history buffs, as well as WW2 and military history buffs. Visitors are welcome.
Jim and his wife Joann visited Normandy for the 60th and 66th Anniversaries of D-Day. He will explain the invasion battle using maps and photographs. He’ll describe the invasion beaches as well as Point du Hoc, the Batteries at Longues, and the town of Ste Mere Eglise. He feels that the visit to Ste Mere Eglise was one of the highlights and photos taken there will be surprising.

Also included in the talk will be photos of Military War Cemeteries in Normandy. He will show American, German, British, Canadian and Polish War Cemeteries. All of which are well maintained and very interesting.

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