Japan, Spring 1985: Trip of a Lifetime

two image collage

From Susan’s trip to Japan in 1985

May 2nd: In the Spring of 1985 Susan had the opportunity to visit friends living in Japan. This was her “trip of a lifetime” with exposure to a unique culture, a wealth of history, amazing craftsmanship, new tastes and smells, and incredible scenery. She toured a variety of temples, castles, museums, and gardens from Tokyo to Hiroshima.

Susan has been taking photographs coming on 50 years. Starting with Instamatic cameras then moved up to 35mm SLR before the trip to Japan as she says “I wanted big photo memories instead of snapshots”. Recently she’s transitioned to a digital camera and mostly photographs scenery, but will photograph whatever looks interesting at the moment.

The May 2nd meeting and program will begin at 7PM at the Maturango Museum. The doors will open at 6:45PM. The meeting is open to anyone and there is no charge for admission, however donations are accepted to help defray the museum use cost . For more information about this program or the China Lake Photographic Society please contact either Helen Jackson at 760-375-7775 or Francois Clement at 760-301-6828.


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