Robert Shaw Book Inventory

This post is made on behalf of Robert Shaw, a local photography enthusiast, that is making available for purchase from his personal library of books related to photography.

The following are the 20 titles in my collection of diverse photography-related books, which I am hoping to sell as a single batch to any camera buff interested in purchasing them. All are in acceptable condition, most are in excellent condition; a few are like new. Alphabetical by title. If you’re interested please contact me directly by email.

  • Ancestral Dialogs: The Photographs of Albert Chong 1994
  • Close to Home: Seven Documentary Photographers 1989
  • Cycles, A Decade of Photographs, Judith Golden 1988
  • Don Worth: Photographs 1955-1985, Friends of Photography 1986
  • Eikoh Hosoe, Friends of Photography 1986
  • EW 100: Centennial Essays in Honor of Edward Weston, Friends of Photography 1986
  • Landscapes from the Middle of the World, Frank Gohlke 1988
  • Lorna Simpson, Deborah Willis 1992
  • Mario Giacomelli, Friends of Photography 1983
  • Mary Ellen Marks: Photographs of Missions of Charity 1985
  • Nicholas Nixon: Photographs from One Year 1983
  • Night Walk, Michael Kenna 1988
  • Of Time and Place, Walker Evans & William Christenberry 1990
  • Optiks, Zeke Berman 1991
  • Postures, Marsha Burns 1982
  • Roy DeCarava: Photographs, ed. James Alinder
  • The Contact Print, James Alinder 1982
  • Todd Walker: Photographs 1985
  • Toward a Truer Life: Photographs of of China 1980-90, Reagan Louie
  • Weighing the Planets, Olivia Parker 1987